Film Tent: films for your mood

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a wild rollercoaster ride. As we look back at the uncertainties, crises, disruptions, and challenges we’ve been through so far, I think we all agree that real life can be stranger than film. Let’s take a break from the gloom and doom. We have a fun test for you to understand more about your personality and hidden emotions. After the test, we’ll recommend some ifva award-winning short films/animations best suit your mood too. Are you ready?

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Finally, the virus outbreak is over! You can’t wait to travel again and arrange a short get away immediately. On the way to the airport, your car breaks down, you will:

It’s already dinner time when you’ve made it to the destination. You run to the restaurant that you have always wanted to try, only to find out it’s closed! You will:

You plan to visit one of the most famous outdoor tourist attractions today, only to be greeted by pouring rain before you leave the hotel, you will:

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